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          Here, we help entrepreneurs overcome impossible
          Here, we help entrepreneurs overcome impossible


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          Park Servicess

          If you are a business in the startup stage, we will be your best incubator A person can start a business. We provide 5,000㎡ of incubation space and serviced offices for startups. You can come with a briefcase We have 50 million Yuan venture capital for marvelous ideas Acknowledged quality projects can use our offices, apartments and other services for free At our frequently held entrepreneurs’ salons, you can find business partners, venture capital and business resources easier You can have a personal mentor from our “Business Mentor Group” made up of successful entrepreneurs, investors and experts Our actual venture competitions can make your project famous overnight and help you establish yourself in the industry quickly If you are a business in the growth stage, we will be your best booster Professional institutes’ directed counseling for listing on the NEEQ and strategic emerging board can help you jump the gun on the capital track Our 200 million Yuan Development Fund as a “Capital Filling Station” can replenish capital “ammo” for your business’ fast development Our one-stop “Talent Filling Station” provides high-precision headhunting and recruitment services to help your business grow Our business butler service can realize “complete outsourcing of non-core business”, helping you focus on the takeoff of main business Our yearly summits, monthly forums and weekly activities can help you with business networking Our online trading platform covers all products, with more buyers and more transactions If you are a business in the maturation stage, we will be your best accelerator “M&A accelerator”: 2 billion Yuan M&A Fund + 20 mainstream listed companies in various fields For eligible enterprises in our parks, the fund can be injected into the listed companies concerned after investment Mature enterprises can realize capitalization faster and more controllably than traditional IPO and M&A Securities brokers, lawyer, accountants, appraisers…professional capital institutes provide streamlined services. Our professional tax planning and more favorable financial subsidies can reduce enterprises’ tax burdens most Diversified comprehensive park functions Industrial park: multi-storey products can serve as incubation squares and co-working office products on land plot 80A; low-density products will practice the project’s garden office idea and self-operation. Theme commerce: commercial activities will mainly be food services, recreation and fitness, experiential commerce; the project on this land plat not only can serve this project, but also can radiate throughout the area. Purposeful tourism: low-density villa hotel groups in the area can absorb the purposeful consumer demand from Sheshan and Songjiang. Personal studios: tailor-made products will create individualized personal studio areas, improving office quality, fitting the park’s orientation toward full business life cycle.

          Value-added Services

          Brand Communication

          Advertising  communication The Company provides clients with professional, accurate advertising communication  service, which is a part of the branding and marketing services customized to clients. The  Company has a very wide range of media available to customers for advertising, including  newspapers, magazines, Internet, mobile phones and outdoor media. These media include  both the mass media that with a wide range of audience and the professional media that  with segment markets.   PR communication As an important part of the Company’s integrated marketing communications, public  relations communication has become an important business segment. The Company’s public  relations services focus on providing clients with customized public relations strategies and  accurate and effective communication programs.   Event marketing Off-line marketing activity has already constituted an indispensable part of brand marketing.  Event marketing business of the Company can plan and implement customized marketing  activities for clients, so as to deepen the impression of consumers on the brands and  products of clients; and can help end-users directly experience, so as to deepen  understanding of the products, and even directly facilitate sales. Usually, these marketing  activities include new product road shows, press conferences, promotion activities, product  trials, celebrations, arts activities, all kinds of exhibitions and business meetings.   Digital marketing With the Internet sweeps across China, the influence of digital media (including portals,  online communities, microblogs and wireless media) is increasingly far-reaching, and the  digital communication is valued by a growing number of brand clients. With digital media,  the Company has provided brand clients with marketing and communication services, and  has accumulated a wealth of digital media resources, including the mainstream Internet  websites and leading wireless media in China.

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